How To Start An Online Business

Starting a business online can be very daunting. But at the same time, the rewards can also be life-changing. So if you’re looking to build your own business online, then we have some proven tips for you to help you begin and not be overwhelmed.

Here are 7 steps you can take to begin building that dream business today.

#1 – Find a Need To Fill

You might have heard the phrase “Build it and they will come” before. Many people think that just because they create a product or make a website that people will actually be interested in buying.

Instead, you should look for problems that people are having and then create a solution that solves the problems. By doing this, you already know that people have problems they can’t solve. You just become the problem solver by offering them a solution, in return for money. This takes out all of the guesswork.


Some ways to find problems people are having:

  • Online Forums

There are forums in all kinds of markets and niches. Just head to Google and type in “weight loss forum” or whatever your market is and you’ll find lots of forums. All you need to do is visit these forums and look for the questions being asked. The key is to find similar questions that aren’t being solved.

  • Quora

Quora is a hugely popular website where people ask questions. You can do a search and see what questions people are asking in all kinds of markets and niches. Read through them and see if they are being answered correctly. It shouldn’t take you too long to find some ideas for a product you can create that solves problems people have.

  • YouTube

Being the second largest search engine online, YouTube is a great place to research markets. You can see what content people are creating videos on and also read the comments underneath the videos. Look for questions being asked and whether the video creator is answering them.

  • Competitors

If you already know what market or niche you want to target, then go check out the main competitors in that space. Look at what products and services they are offering and see if you can improve on them. Maybe sell them cheaper or design them better. Use your competition to give you ideas for what is already selling and working for them.

#2 – Use Good Sales Copy

Selling online is an art. You need to try and convince someone who doesn’t know you, to buy from you. The best way you can do this is to write good sales copy. There are many guides you can learn from online but the basics to good copy are these:

  • Headline

Use a headline that immediately creates curiosity and interest. You have just a few seconds to get their interest before they leave. So you have one or two sentences to grab the attention and keep them reading.

  • Agitate

The next step is to identify the problem and to agitate it. Enforce that you know the exact problem the person has and why it’s so important they find a solution fast.

  • Your Story

The next step is to tell them how you came about the solution and the amazing changes you have had since solving the problem. Share your story and people will connect to your message and begin to trust you.

  • Social Proof

Now they know you have a solution, it’s time to tell them about other people who have used it and had the same success. You can do this through the use of testimonials or even video interviews with customers. By proving your product works for others, it enforces the decision someone will make and that it’s the right one for them.


  • Benefits

Now you can introduce the main benefits that your product has. Explain to them how it will solve their problem and other benefits it provides too.

  • Tell Them How To Buy

Now you can introduce your product and tell them how they can buy it. If it’s a physical product, explain how long it will take to ship. If it’s a digital product, then you can tell them they receive instant access as soon as they buy.

  • Urgency

If someone doesn’t buy right then, there’s a good chance they won’t return. By adding some sort of urgency, you can increase the number of people who will buy. You can use a countdown timer or extra bonuses if they buy right now.

  • Guarantee

People need to know that if the product is not what you say it is, they can get their money back. So it’s important that you offer a money-back guarantee, which will further help someone to make up their mind.

When writing your sales copy, don’t focus on the features of the product. People want to know about the benefits, they aren’t too bothered about the bells and whistles it may have. They just need to know that it will solve their problem.

#3 – Get An Online Presence

Now that you have your product and sales copy, you need to get it online so that people can see it. So it’s time to build your website.

There are many ways you can do this and you may not need an expensive eCommerce website at all. If you’re just selling one product, then you can use a sales funnel, instead of a standard website. Platforms like ClickFunnels are great for this and you can build your own sales funnels without needing any technical knowledge at all.

If you would like a more traditional website, then you might want to consider using WordPress as a content platform. It comes free with most of the best web hosts and is very flexible and easy to use.

#4 – Finding Buyers

Now that your product is live, you need to get people to visit your website. This is often called ‘Driving traffic’ which basically means you find a way to get people to visit your website. There are many free and paid ways to do this.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular way to get people who are searching Google for various phrases. You can rank your website in Google using SEO, so that it comes up at the top of Google when people type in searches related to what you are selling. Traffic from SEO is free but it can take many months to rank your website at the top.


  • Paid Advertising

A faster way to drive traffic to your website, is to use paid advertising. There are many platforms you can use for this too. Facebook ads, Google PPC, Pinterest, Media buys, banner ads are just a few ways you can start getting visitors today.

With paid advertising, you obviously need to set budgets and carefully track your spend and return. If you find a positive result, then you can scale that particular traffic course.

#5 – Provide Free Value

One of the best things you can do to build trust online is to provide as much free value as you can. You can do this in the form of articles, videos, podcasts or posting to social platforms. This establishes you as an expert in your market and people will trust what you say.

By building followings on these third party platforms, you can get thousands of people to visit your website for free. You just need to focus on creating and publishing as much free content as you can.

#6 – Email Marketing

Another great way to build a business online is to build a list of subscribers. You can do this by collecting their email addresses and providing something in return. An easy way to do this is to create a free report or video, on a topic that your product has the solution to. Offer this for free, in return for someone opting in to receive it.

Autoresponder software like Aweber or Getresponse can be used for this. They both provide landing pages you can use and they store the email addresses of people who sign up.

The main benefit of building an email list is that you can send out emails for free to all those people. There’s a small monthly fee to use email software but you can send unlimited emails for free. It’s a great way to contact your potential customers and get them back to your website.

#7 – Increase Your Customer Value

Once you have all of the above in place, it’s now time to increase your profits from existing customers. You can do this in several ways:

  • Create More Products

The first thing you can do is to create other products that compliment your main product. You can offer these as upsells when people buy your main product. You can also follow up by email to offer these new products.

  • Coupons

Everyone loves a discount and coupons are a great way to do that. Set up a discount coupon code and send it to your customers. Give them a discount on new products and they should jump at the chance of saving money on your products.


  • Affiliate Products

If you don’t have any products to offer your customers, then you can promote other people’s products to them and make a commission on those sales. That’s called affiliate marketing and is a great way to make money from your customers without even needing to create a product, ship it or answer questions about it.


Starting a business online is as simple as following the tips above. You don’t need to over-complicate the process and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money either. The great thing about the internet is that everything can be set up online and digital too. Digital products can be sold without you even having to do any work. People visit your website, like the product you are selling and decide to buy. They then download the product and you receive the money. All done hands-free!

We hope these tips help you to start an online business fast and we wish you luck in building your online empire.